Our Island

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Loyalists and pirates and sailors, oh my!

A beginning rooted in revolution.
In 1785, Wyannie Malone and her four children left Charleston, South Carolina with a group of other Loyalists fleeing the aftermath of the American Revolution. After establishing Hope Town, they were joined by other migrants from Harbour Island and Eleuthera.

A story behind every name.
Almost everybody born here is descended from one of Hope Town’s founding families. During your stay, it’s very likely you’ll meet an Albury, Russell, Malone, Cash or Thompson – all of whom have tales to tell about the island’s marauding pirates, pioneering women and rumored rumrunners.

A lighthouse known the world over.
Hope Town is famous for its candy-striped lighthouse. Built in 1864, it is the last lighthouse in the world that is still hand-wound and lit with kerosene. Every night, you’ll see the flash of its light sweeping across Hope Town and its harbor, guiding sailors near and far.

A natural harbour that’s a haven for all.
Our peaceful harbour is dotted with sailboats from all over the world. Have a meal at one of our waterside restaurants and watch the boats come and go. Hang around long enough and you might even see a dolphin swim by!

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